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Netfira WebConnect

Supplier: Netfira

Real-time links between your existing eCommerce webstore and your accounting system – maintain the features of your purpose-built eCommerce system while providing customers with real-time visibility of stock levels, prices and orders



How Netfira connects existing e-commerce sites to accounting/ERP systems

Until now, connecting a company's e-commerce system to its accounting system has been a difficult and costly process. Netfira makes this task simple and easy, and makes it affordable for even the smallest of businesses.

How does it work?
Netfira WebConnect
connects to e-commerce systems via Netfira Seller. This is a free download, and must be installed on a PC where it can connect to one of a large number of supported accounting/ERP systems.

Once Netfira Seller is installed and configured, it communicates automatically with Netfira WebConnect to establish which e-commerce system it needs to connect to.

Netfira is producing a number of connectors for popular e-commerce systems including:

  • Magento
  • osCommerce
  • Zen Cart
  • Virtuamart
  • Volusion
  • + others

What if my e-commerce system is not supported?
To accommodate those e-commerce systems for which a connector has not been developed, Netfira has published the Netfira WebConnect SDK (Software Development Kit), which documents how to connect the Netfira application to practically any database- or API-based e-commerce system. Once this connection is made, you can connect your e-commerce system to any of the accounting/ERP packages Netfira interfaces with.

Please note that while Netfira provides real-time transfer of product information and orders between accounting systems and e-commerce sites, it cannot add in addtional capabilities. For example, if your e-commerce package supports multiple price levels for certain customers but your accounting system doesn't, then only a single price level would be sent through to the e-commerce site.

Getting started:
If you'd like to investigate linking your online store with your accounting system, simply contact us - we'll provide you a copy of the Netfira WebConnect product, and connect you with your local Netfira Professional Partner who can discuss your business needs and facilitate a smooth implementation.

Once connected, your e-commerce site will be updated simply by adding, deleting or changing product details in your accounting system. Within moments of a customer placing an order online, it will be automatically entered into your accounting system.

Netfira WebConnect is free to download and install. Updating of product information is free. There is a $0.99 fee for each order placed online and inserted into your accounting system.

No existing e-commerce system?
If your business doesn't have an established e-commerce solution, you can generate your own standalone e-commerce site within minutes using Netfira Webstore, offering your customers a complete online shopping experience. There are no software costs or hosting fees, only a $1.50 fee for each order placed online. Full integration with your accounting system is included. Please refer to the Netfira Webstore product page on this site for full details.