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Offshore & Marine Sewage Treatment | Severn Trent De Nora Omnipure™

Supplier: HMA Group

Omnipure™ is an offshore and marine sewage treatment system that meets the new MEPC.159(55) international regulations.



Offshore Oil & Gas Facilities
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Marine Industry
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Australia & New Zealand Navy ships & frigates

Over 20 ships of the Royal Australian Navy (RAN) use OMNIPURE sewage treatment systems to chlorinate ships sewage, to meet International Maritime Organisation (IMO) guidelines for the biochemical oxygen demand (BODs), faecal coliforms and total suspended solids requirements for the effluent.

Omnipure 55 offshore marine sewage treatment systems offer effective electrolytic treatment of both black and gray water. The units range in treatment capacities up to 65,400L/day (­65m3/day). Individual units can be combined for increased capacity or for redundancy.

Advantages of OMNIPURE 55

Feature Benefit Advantage

OMNIPURE does not require chemical additives for treatment

  1. No purchasing, transporting,storing, or handling chemicals
  1. Safety
  2. Ease
  3. Eliminates cost of consumables

OMNIPURE does not produce bio-active sludge.

  1. Do not have to handle active sludge, or incur costs associated with transport and disposal of sludge
  1. Operators do not have to handle wet, active sludge.
  2. Lower operating costs

OMNIPURE offers a polymerization solids handling system(as an option)

  1. Provides a sanitary means of capturing and disposing of treated fibrous matter from the system
  1. Operators do not have to handle wet, active sludge.
  2. Provides a convenient means of fibrous disposal.

OMNIPURE does not produce odours

  1. No complaints from passengers or crew
  1. Better working environment

OMNIPURE has a compact footprint and low weight

  1. On demand electrolytic treatment eliminates large holding and storage tanks allowing for huge savings in space and weight.
  1. Space and weight are precious commodities on most platforms and vessels.
  2. Some rig operators us a rule of thumb that each 1 lb. of weight savings equates to a $5 saving.

OMNIPURE utilizes an enhanced electrolytic treatment method

  1. No microbes
  2. Surge flows or low flows do not effect the performance of the system.
  3. Effective electrolysis of the waste stream insures a near complete bacteria kill.
  1. Microbes can be killed when cleaning flu ids or other toxic substances enter the system or when there is low flow (few people on board) and the microbes do not receive enough food supply.
  2. An electrolytic system is indifferent to most toxins and operates "on demand" so whether there are 2 people or 500 people, the system will begin effectively treating the incoming waste when the high limit is reached.

OMNIPURE does not go septic or generate methane gas or hydrogen sulfide (H2S)

  1. Eliminates concerns regarding toxic gas generation and build-up
  2. No gas detection devices required
  2. Eliminates costs associated with monitoring

OMNTPURE is a closed system with no sludge or chemicals which allows for simple preventative maintenance

  1. Routine maintenance can be planned
  2. Dose not require special operator training
  1. No special operator required
  2. Maintenance does not require contact with gases, chemicals, fecal coliform or other sewage related bacteria, or any other solid waste materials.