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Oil in Water Detection | POGC

Supplier: HMA Group

At POGC we are experts in the detection of oil in and on water and are able to help you with all of your oil in water detection or fluorometers needs.


We represent the worlds leading range of oil in water detection equipment including Turner Designs Hydrocarbon Instruments, GE Leakwise and Agar Corporation.

We have a range of products and are able to:

  • Detect oil sheen in a retention pit or pond
  • Laboratory units for testing oil in water & soil in the ppm/ppb range
  • Monitor an online flow in the ppm/ppb range
  • Accurately control the interface level and dewatering of a process vessel
  • Determine the % oil in water or water in oil for a flowing process line

Please feel free to contact us if we can help further.

Turner Design Oil detection device systems offered the following products:

  • Fluorometer oil detector / fluorometer hydrocarbon detector
  • Oil in water analyser / Oil in water analyzer / oil in water analysers / Oil in water analyzers
  • Oil in water monitor / oil in water monitors
  • Hydrocarbon in Water analysers / Oil in H2O analysers
  • Oil detectors / Fuel detector
  • Oil in soil detectors / Fuel in soil sensors
  • Oil analysers / Fuel analysers
  • Oil in water detectors
  • Oil in water sensors
  • Oil in water test kits


  • Water in oil
  • Oil in water / Fuel in water
  • Oil spill in water / Fuel spill in ocean / Oil spill in river
  • Oil in H2O detection
  • Hydrocarbon in water measurement / Oil in Water measurement
  • Hydrocarbon in H2O analysis / Oil in water analysis

POGC's other areas of expertise include:

  • Explosion and overpressure protection systems.
  • Fire and Gas Protection Systems.
  • Flame Scanners and igniter for boiler control.
  • Analysers for compliance monitoring and process control.

We believe our people have the best technical and hands on experience available to ensure safe operation and maximise production and availability of our customer's process and plant.