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Perth Petroleum Services distribute an extensive range of Oil & Chemical Spill Control products and equipment, promising fast and consistent delivery of these superior Australian-made products. Also our dedicated training department can provide on site or inhouse training with our Australian certified Oil Spills on Land Training course.

Products and services:
• Spill Kits – Oil & Fuel Spill Kits, Hazchem Spill Kits, Maintenance Spill Kits, Marine Specific Spill Kits
• Spill Control – Storm Water Drain Protectors, Containment Barriers
• Maintenance Absorbents – Ground & Floor Sweeps, Pads, Booms, Pillows
• Storage & Handling – Drum Bunds, IBC Bunds, Collapsible Bunds
• Recovery Equipment – Oil Filter Crushers, Oil & Silt Containment Booms, Oil Skimmers, Dispersant Systems, Oil Recovery Tanks & Barges
• Disposal, Training & Hire – Incinerators, Oil Spill Training, Bio-remediation Liquid

Perth Petroleum Services success is facilitated by the fact that:
• 95% of all orders received are shipped within 24 hours
• Manufacturing the majority of products in Australia allows us to maintain stable and highly competitive pricing
• Products are backed with a "Rock-solid Guarantee"
• A 24 hour emergency equipment and help line is available to all customers.

Please contact our highly experienced PPS team members on 08 9258 5877
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Perth Petroleum Services distribute a wide range of Oil & Chemical Spill Control Equipment.

Perth Petroleum Services are known for fast and consistent delivery of superior Australian-made products.

The strategy of specializing and combining supply of equipment with training has resulted in customers receiving expert advice and solutions to problems.

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