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PET Strapping - ITISTRAP

Supplier: Live Industrial

ITISTRAP's range of PET strapping, distributed exclusively by Live Industrial, is available in a variety of sizes and colours.



Live Industrial, the strapping specialists, is now the exclusive Australian distributor for ITITSTRAP’s range of PET strapping, suitable for all industrial applications.

ITISTRAP is an Italian company that manufactures and sells a complete range of PET strapping for every industrial application, available in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses, lengths and colours.


ITISTRAP's Standard PET strapping is manufactured from high-quality raw materials, carefully selected and controlled in order to obtain a high-tensile strength and elasticity, a reduced relaxation and a good joint efficiency. The Standard range of PET strapping is like a hand-grade PET strapping, and works well with strapping tools, both battery and pneumatic, and works well on automatic machines in most applications, eg. PET bottles, cans, chipboards, concrete blocks.


ITISTRAP's Flexter PET strapping is manufactured from special raw materials and additives specially selected to ensure excellent splitting resistance, a reduced relaxation and a joint efficiency that can reach 100%. The Flexter range of PET strapping is a machine-grade PET strapping, which has been treated with special additives to prevent the splitting. It is suitable for use with strapping tools through to fully automatic machines, and is particularly suited to difficult applications, including in the timber, brick, glass, aluminium, and steel industries.


And now introducing ITISTRAP's E-Flex PET strapping! E-Flex is ITISTRAP's world-renowned Flexter strapping, but embossed instead of smooth. This means that it is manufactured from the same special raw materials and additives as Flexter, specially selected to ensure excellent splitting resistance, a reduced relaxation and joint efficiency, but it is lighter, and therefore costs less! E-Flex PET strapping is an excellent compromise for manufacturing, distribution and warehousing customers alike who require the higher breaking strengths of Flexter PET strapping, but want to keep costs down.


Much of the Australian manufacturing industry is moving away from using steel strapping because they are seeing the benefits and cost savings of using PET strapping such as ITISTRAP’s Standard, Flexter and E-Flex range of PET strapping.


The benefits of ITISTRAP’s range of PET strapping include:

  • PET strapping does not rust (no corrosion staining of strapped product)
  • PET strapping coil weight is 1/2 that of steel (minimises manual handling risks)
  • PET strapping coils contain more metres (reduces coil change frequency)
  • PET strapping does not have sharp edges (reduces personal injury risk)
  • PET strapping is environmentally friendly - it can be recycled!
  • PET strapping has a higher retained tension
  • PET strapping is elastic (it stretches during application, meaning less strapping is used per pack, resulting in monetary savings!)
  • PET strapping is weather and UV resistant (it retains high applied tension even in extreme temperatures of 0 – 60°C)
  • PET strapping performs well under "shock loading" (it takes 2.5x the energy to break, compared to steel strap of comparable breaking strength)

ITISTRAP's range of PET strapping is available in a wide variety of widths, thicknesses and lengths, as well as many different colours. It is suitable for every industrial application and is available exclusively from Live Industrial. ITISTRAP's PET strapping is very competitively priced, especially when purchased in 1/2 pallet and pallet lots. Contact us via email or phone to discuss your strapping needs.