Photoelectric Sensors

Supplier: Sensorsafe

User-friendly level measurement. Baumer’s new level sensors are convincingly easy to handle.

They can be mounted without difficulty on a standpipe or a tube using the included cable tie. The diameter of the (half) transparent standpipe on which the sensor can be mounted can vary from 3 to 13 mm.

Once they have been secured, no further adjustments have to be made on the FFDK 16 as all required circuitry is built in. However, a switch for dark or light switching (D/L) is in place.

In the optical fiber version, the fibers are arranged in rows. This allows the sensor to suppress foam or air bubbles of up to 3 mm in size. Foam especially emerges often, and so far it has led to many measurement errors with optical level measurement systems.

Thanks to the PFI material used, the sensor is also resistant to chemicals. Another advantage of the optical fiber version is its intrinsic safety, because only light is used to convey information while the electronics are remotely located.

Special Features of Photoelectric Sensors:

  • Applicable for pipes from 3 to 13 mm in diameter
  • Integrated electronics
  • Suppresses foam and air bubbles of up to 3 mm in size
  • Resistant to chemicals
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