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Safety Automation

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Safety specialist, Pilz, is the world’s leading supplier of safe automation control systems.

Pilz invented the safety relay and its world firsts include a programmable safety system for machinery, an approved safe field bus, the SafetyBUSp and the recently released PNOZmulti, a freely configurable safety relay.

Today, Pilz Australia, one of 20+ Pilz subsidiaries worldwide, is Australia’s number one supplier of safety technology for machines and automation.
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Contact the world leader, Pilz, for a comprehensive and world-class machine safety solution.

Leverage Pilz’s resources for professional development, training, safe control circuit designs, a full range of the famous Pilz PNOZ safety relays (including electronic wear-free versions and the new PNOZ multi configurable relay), plus the equally famous Programmable Safety Systems (failsafe PLC's) and the SafetyBUSp safe field bus.

Pilz is dedicated to provide the very best support available in the world on machine and automation safety. Call us to prove it.

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