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PolyCom Stabilising Aid - solving erosion problems Australia wide

Supplier: Earthco Projects By: Earthco Projects Pty Ltd
06 July, 2011

PolyCom Stabilising Aid meets the needs of councils, shires, and non-government organisations with one application.

It's easy to use, does not require specialised equipment, nor does it corrode or damage equipment.

PolyCom treated material creates a tightly bound running surface on an unsealed road that is resistant to traffic damage and water erosion. A PolyCom treated road lasts longer and it needs less maintenance.

Why use material from quarries that has to be carted in? Save money by using the material already on site.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid can be applied in water or spread in dry powder form depending on the circumstances. PolyCom experts help crews decide on the best application and then take them through the process until the crew is satisfied and comfortable. PolyCom discusses the quality of material available, the depth of grading, rain and the how PolyCom is activated when it's applied.

PolyCom Stabilising Aid can be used in patching and on shoulders. It can be applied to stockpiles where it will keep for six months, and it can be stored in its 2kg bottles indefinitely. PolyCom is non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Constructing and maintaining roads has a massive impact on the environment. The impact of erosion, sourcing material and using equipment is drastically reduced by incorporating PolyCom into standard road maintenance and construction.

Want more information about PolyCom Stabilisting Aid? Call the Earthco Projects office and speak to experienced distributors about applying PolyCom Stabilising Aid on site. Earthco Projects staff work closely with water cart drivers, grader operators, works officers, asset managers, engineers and environmentalists and have extensive experience in road stabilisation.