Posi-flate Inflatable Seated - Butterfly Valves

Other Valves Fight Friction.We Designed It Out!

Unlike other valves that seal with friction, Posi-flate's unique butterfly valve uses an inflatable seat to seal with air pressure.

Thus it requires less torque and a smaller actuator, resulting in lower overall valve cost. Plus, the seat automatically compensates for wear, providing longer valve life.

Performance Features of Posi-flate Inflatable Seated - Butterfly Valves:

  • Inflatable seat compensates for disc and seat wear
  • Longer valve life
  • Minimal seat wear
  • No disc impingement
  • Ultra-low torque requirements
  • Lower actuator costs
  • More seal contact area
  • Proven excellent for abrasive and dry solids
  • Disc designed to prevent material build-up
  • Double shaft seals
  • Multiple bearings
  • Fail-safe monitoring

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