Power Analysers

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Power may be defined as the amount of work energy performed over a period of time, where work itself is defined as the amount of force required over a certain distance. In electronics, power may be defined as the potential difference (voltage) multiplied by the current (amperes) - known as Joule's Law.

A power analyser is a device that measures the amount of power being used by an electric circuit at any given time, allowing the rate of power consumption to be studied. Typically this device is connected in two ways to the circuit: the current is measured in series, meaning the measurement points must form part of the circuit; while the potential difference is measured in parallel - where the device is placed before and after the load. The power found through this method can be compared to the measured mechanical power output of an electric motor, and comparisons can be made - giving an efficiency value.

The power analyser can help give a better understanding of the operating conditions that are most efficient for a circuit.

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