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Powered Flexible & Expandable Conveyor Belts Power/Flex (1.9)

Supplier: Optimum Handling Solutions

Ideally suited for loading and unloading, distribution centres, packaging, mobile assembly lines, shipping and receiving.


  • 150kg capacity per linear metre (level)
  • 724 to 946mm adjustable conveyor height
  • 450, 600 and 750mm conveyor widths
  • Available in any length to fit your applications
  • See also: Power/Flex (1.5)

Technical Specification

  • Adjustable Height: Standard adjustable range is from 724mm to 946mm.
  • Axle Centres: When expanded, the distance between axle centre is 127mm. Optional 76mm and 102mm axle centres are available. Optional axle centres affect compacted conveyor length.
  • Extended Lengths: Power/Flex conveyors are available in any length. If your application requires a length that is not listed in the above chart, please contact LongReach for assistance.


  • Continuous Duty Multiple Drive Motors - Line speed is adjustable from 0 to 36 metres per minute. Start/Stop cycle 300 times per hour. On/Off switches at both ends. Approximately 3 amps per 3.66 metres of conveyor. Durable drive motors features 0.09kw 180 volt DC with 220/240 volt AC converter.
  • Self Tracking - Cartons follow the twists and turns of the conveyor path without using engineered curves.
  • Adjustable Height - Adjustable locking bolts to raise or lower the conveyor bed height.
  • Square Tubing Legs - BEST offers heavy duty square tubing legs for longer service life.
  • 50mm rollers - Heavy duty 16 gauge precision bearing rollers on 12mm axles for greater durability.
  • 50mm Side Plates - Aluminium alloy construction features a ribbed design for added strength. Assembled with bolts and lock nuts.
  • Castors with brakes - 200mm x 50mm swivel castors roll easily. Castor brakes lock wheels in place while the conveyor is in use.

Performance Options

  • SuperOptics Electronics for Product Control. - Gives Power/Flex conveyors superior product flow control and improved ergonomics to cut labour costs and improve performance. Using reflective or under roller photo cells you, can get the benefits of zero-pressure accumulation and an electronic package stop.
  • Zero-Pressure Accumulation. - Electronic controls enable cartons to move directly to the discharge end without stopping until they reach the last zone of accumulation.
  • Electronic Package Stop. - Automatically stops cartons at discharge end of conveyor. When carton is removed, conveyor starts again to bring next carton into position.
  • Indexing. - Under roller photo cells allow you to control the space between cartons for easier handling and bar code reading.
  • Heavy Duty Roller Connectors. - Easily connects two or more conveyors to span greater distances.
  • Axle Centres. - Optional 76mm and 102mm axle centres are available for small package applications.
  • 200mm x 50mm Swivel Castors. - For easier rolling over uneven surfaces. Adds 25mm to the conveyor height.
  • Heavy Duty Dump Table. - Bolted to conveyor, heavy duty 50mm rollers provide extra strength in punishing receiving applications.

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