Powerpaq Gantry Robot

Powerpaq 600/1200 and Powerpaq 600/2200 are cartesian robots designed to automatically move the product to be palletised from an infeed belt to the pallet.

Flexible and suited for different palletising and depalletising requirements for medium speed rates.

Three-axle control with brushless servomotors and gantry mechanical construction (4 columns, mobile air framework with translating beam and vertical slide).

Powerpaq 600/1200 is supplied with a single-stage slide while Powerpaq 600/2200 is equipped with a two-stage telescopic slide.

Both models are supplemented by universal suction (also plate type on request) gripping system and a 4-position horizontal rotating actuator (0-90° - 180°-270°), which is pneumatically driven.

They are suited for palletising automatically light products (up to 25 kg) on pallets (800 x 1.200 o 1.000 x 1.200 mm), with high speed rates without the need of specific equipment; the working height is 1200 mm for Powerpaq 600/1200 and 2200 mm for Powerpaq 600/2200.Powerpaq 600/1200 and Powerpaq 600/2200 most important features:

Symmetric and compact frame

The compact footprint of about 2000x3000 mm (belts not included) makes the palletisers particularly suited for being integrated in existing production lines with little space available.

The symmetric frame of Powerpaq 600/1200 and Powerpaq 600/2200 offers a high degree of flexibility in all lines with mirror layouts. The machine can be easily adapted to new configurations only with a few changes to the software.

Quick set-up

The machine can be started immediately, as the installation is limited to the connection to the supply line and compressed air.

Quick mechanical assembly is required only for Powerpaq 600/2200 and for auxiliary or existing roller conveyors.

Very easy to use

The machine is controlled via an industrial computer and not PLC. This simple user interface makes the machine very easy to operate, providing the on-board staff with very easy-to-use controls and easy programming.

The control computer is supplied with many pallet pattern programs already set. The possibility for self-programming for tailor-made pallet patterns and standard cycles is included.

Quick product change

The machine is supplied with a universal gripping system and self-centering adjustable sides for product roller conveyor, so as to reduce to a minimum the product change times.

Low-cost supply of spare parts

Thanks to its design principles, the only costs to bear for spare parts are those for the replacement of wear parts, which are normally to be found on the market.

General technical data

Powerpaq 600/1200 e 600/2200 / 600/2200 Multi

  • Mechanical speed per minute L/min. 10
  • Installed power kW 3/6
  • Air consuption Nl/min 50/300
  • Air pressure bar 6/7
  • Working height metric 2,2m
  • Recommended max. load Kg 25/50

Easy maintenance

The maintenance operations do not require skilled personnel. As the machine is equipped with brushless servomotors and self-lubricating guides and gear motors, the required maintenance interventions are very limited.

Wide range of accessories

Powerpaq 600 can be supplemented with a wide range of accessories to meet with the most demanding requirements of the final user. The machine can be fully automated, according to the speed and type of job required.

Accessories of Powerpaq Gantry Robot:

  • Motorised roller conveyor with photocell for product infeed
  • Pallet positioning at ground level with photocell
  • Motorised roller conveyor with photocell for empty pallet infeed
  • Motorised roller conveyor with photocell for full pallet outfeed
  • Idle rollers for full pallet outfeed
  • Motorised roller conveyor with photocell for pallet evacuation
  • Automatic door for pallet evacuation
  • Layerpad holder (easy to refill)
  • Automatic empty pallet magazine

Powerpaq 600/2200 Multi is a 4-axle cartesian robot with brushless servomotors and gantry mechanical construction (4 columns, mobile air framework with translating beam and two-stage vertical telescopic slide pneumatically balanced), equipped with a universal suction (also plate type, rakes for bags on request) gripping device

They are suited for palletising automatically heavy products (50 kg or more on request) on pallets (800 x 1.200 or 1.000 x 1.200 mm), with high speed rates. The working height of the palletiser is 2200 mm

Powerpaq Multi can be adapted to work with more then one pick-up stations and is able to handle more palletising or depalletising stations at the same time.

Powerpaq 600/2200 Multi is supplemented with a series of accessories to make it suited for a wide employment range in order to to meet with the most demanding requirements of multi-palletising.

Powerpaq 600/220 Multi can be supplied with the following accessories:

  • motorised roller conveyor with photocell for pallet transfer
  • safety guards and light curtain barriers
  • layerpad holder
  • automatic handling of empty pallets with the robot
  • product sorting (before the palletisation) by means of a barcode scanner
  • integration to the network information server to trace the palletised products.

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