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Pressure Indicator/Transmitter - Titan

Supplier: GE Sensing

The Titan Series of panel meters incorporates the use of a microprocessor and a solid-state, silicone piezoresistive sensor.


The microprocessor allows for no trim pots, all digital calibration and overall product flexibility.

The Titan Series combines an indicator, a switch, and a transmitter, with a large, vibrant 3½ digit LCD display, all in a compact, 1/8 DIN enclosure.

On the MPM2, set point settings are easily made by the on-board, push-button adjustments.

The Titan Series of pressure panel meters features a pushbutton “zero” adjustment, making mounting orientation flexible and easy — and (on the MPM2) the two on-board LEDs allow for bright visual indication of when a Hi and/or Lo point has been achieved.

The Titan Series of pressure panel meters may be ordered with dual relays for output switching.

Typical applications would include those where a Hi and/or a Lo alarm point are important.

The Titan Series is available with a 2 or 7 amp failsafe configured relay. Models with relays also feature an easy-to-use, programmable deadband, which can be set for up to 25% of the range of the unit, in .001” increments.

Relative accuracy is 0.5% of full range. The unit is fully compatible with air and other inert gases. Ranges are available up to 20" WCD and 5 kPaD.

An optional gasket is available in order to make the faceplate meet NEMA 4 requirements.

Features & Benefits of Pressure Indicator/Transmitter - Titan:

  • Easy-to-read 3½ digit LCD display
  • Membrane style keypad for fast wipe down
  • 4-20 mA or 0-5 VDC Analog output available
  • Programmable Hi and Lo relay set points
  • CE - approved

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