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Progressive councils embrace sustainable road management solution

Supplier: Earthco Projects
28 August, 2014

Traditional local government road maintenance practices are unsustainable. Re-sheeting roads with imported material or stabilising with lime costs time, money and the environment.

A traditional 75mm re-sheet on a 6m wide road requires 900 tonnes of imported material per km. With crew costs around $5000 per day, this equates to approximately $25,000 per km.

As progressive Councils search for more sustainable road management solutions, PolyCom Stabilising Aid is being increasingly adopted by shires and urban municipalities. To recycle the existing material in the example above, and stabilise it with PolyCom, only 12 bottles of PolyCom are required at around $12,200… about half the cost of re-sheeting.  

The sustainable road stabiliser improves the engineering properties of the pavement by binding the particles on compaction, increasing water resistance whilst improving the dry strength of the material.

Furthermore, PolyCom stabilised roads reduce grading requirements by four times or more. In environmental terms, applying PolyCom over traditional methods reduces carbon emissions by up to 90% per kilometre.

If only 5% of the 429,000 kilometres of unsealed roads maintained by Australian local government were maintained with PolyCom over re-sheeting, this would save the community $26 million and reduce carbon emissions by 135,000 tonnes.

If these roads were stabilised with PolyCom over lime, greenhouse gas in production of this stabilising agent alone would decrease by 402,000 tonnes. For roads stabilised with 2% lime, total greenhouse production is around 19.2 tonnes per km.

For 12 bottles of PolyCom, only 0.0377 tonnes of greenhouse gas is produced.

Clearly compelling reasons for sustainability officers, engineers, and asset managers to use PolyCom for long-lasting roads and community benefits.

PolyCom stabilises sealed and unsealed road materials, strengthening sub grades under roads, subdivisions and car parks amongst other applications. 

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