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Property market applauds DIY pothole repair solution

Supplier: Earthco Projects By: Earthco Projects
22 July, 2016

It's the end of the day for potholes as homeowners take asphalt driveway repair into their own hands with a foolproof solution.

Gone are the days when we would put up with potholes in our asphalt driveway. QPR quality pavement repair has hit the DIY property owner market with a product that has pothole victims punching the air with glee.
Once the territory of driveway repair specialists, asphalt driveway repair is now possible without a day off work waiting for tradespeople, or a hefty call-out fee to rub salt in the wound. 
Just grab a pail of QPR, throw it in the hole and you're done. Drive over the pothole a few times to compact the repair and it’s ready for traffic. There’s no mess and you can do it at your leisure.
With a long history of use by government agencies and private asphalt contractors in the United States, QPR pavement repair offers a permanent solution to damaged asphalt. When it comes to potholes, just one application is all that is required to put potholes to bed, permanently.
Olivia from QPR distributor Earthco Projects has put the product to the test on her parents' driveway. "It’s so unbelievably easy," she says. "I can now add pothole repair to my CV. Potholes are one of those things that drive you crazy but you just put up with because they seem too expensive to fix. Never again."
Join the DIY Asphalt Repair Revolution and tidy up your home with QPR pavement repair. You can order online today for delivery to your pothole. 
There's a QPR calculator online to work out how much you need, or give the Earthco crew a call for more information on 1800 790 907.