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Queensland food processing industry to feature best of the best

23 June, 2016

FoodTech Qld, along with offering an impressive programme of expert seminars, will be featuring products from exhibitors that are interesting, exciting and applicable to many different facets of the food production and manufacturing industry.

One product of interest is Bio Steam's KHD Conveyor Belt cleaning systems. Their technology cleans the belts in place and has them ready for use in minutes – rather than the hours or days many manufacturers are frustrated by.

Using the ancient power of superheated vapour steam, Bio Steam's technology uses 10 Bar pressure to clean and sanitise a moving belt, meaning only use 30 litres of water is used per hour. This is innovative technology already proven in Europe, America and now Australia. Benefits of this product include reduced staff costs, a reduction in production line down time and a decrease in waste streams – all in one fell swoop.

Flo-gineering, who will also be exhibiting at FoodTech Qld, are the official distributor of the Charm Sciences range of antibiotic and hygiene testing products, of which the PocketSwab Plus rapid ATP will be showcased.

Flo-gineering are focused on simple and affordable antibiotics and mycotoxin milk tests, serving the dairy, feed and grain, food and beverage, water, healthcare, environment and industrial markets.

The PocketSwab Plus rapid ATP is a room-temperature, stable, self-contained, single service test that enables total surface hygiene verification in only five seconds. Able to be relied on for cleaning verification and validation of sanitation with its real-time corrective action ability, FoodTech Qld is proud to host this brand new product in the industry.

Food processing equipment and technology will be a specific focus for many of FoodTech Qld's visitors, especially as Queensland accounts for nearly half of all beef and veal production in Australia, with cattle numbers over 12 million. The state's reputation for producing safe and traceable red meat products is a major factor in their exporting success, meaning traceability and quality assurance is relevant across the entire supply chain.

The food processing sector will use the show to discuss and showcase solutions for issues like risk reduction and productivity. Specifically, how automation has emerged as a potential key to the problem. From Milmeq to CSB-System, a range of exhibitors will offer an exciting glimpse into the future of the food manufacturing industry.

Managing risk has always been a significant concern in the meat processing industry, with workers twice as likely to be injured as people in other sectors. And when the average cost of a serious injury is over $68,000, it's not an issue that should be taken lightly – by employees and companies alike.

Automation offers significant benefits not only to safety, but productivity, standardization, reliability and transparency too. Equipment such as the CSB-Eyedentifier can remove the need to manually enter product information – instead, the machine uses image analysis to identify and sort products automatically, significantly increasing productivity and accuracy.

Within the space of scientific instruments, Hanna Instruments will be exhibiting their brand new pH probe with a built-in temperature sensor at FoodTech Qld. This sensor can be used virtually anywhere: in the laboratory, production floor, cool room or other. It uses Bluetooth smart technology that transmits straight back to an iPad or iPhone running the Hanna Lab App. Hanna will also be leading a seminar on 'The Importance of pH for Flavour, Texture, Appearance & Shelf Stability'

Not be outdone, Biomeriuex will be presenting the brand new GENE-UP®, a new molecular biology platform for the agri-food sector that enables the detection of pathogens throughout the production line, in raw materials, foodstuffs and the production environment. Their stand will be well worth a stop.

Specific sectors within industries will have the opportunity to find brand new technology for their business, for example: bakers with products such as the Wesmartin Conveyer Oven. It features conveyor technology, allowing even and consistent baking and also features a control system that stores recipes making the possibility of automation creating a more efficient way of working.

Comcater will be showcasing the Self Cooking Centre, an advanced cooking system by RATIONAL. The system monitors heat and moisture and is smart enough to cook up to 10 different dishes at once and even cleans itself – increasing the opportunity for flexibility and efficiency in production.

Whether a food scientist or professional baker are entering the floor of FoodTech Qld, one thing is for sure – the very best of the best in the food processing and manufacturing industry will be on show. It will be an important three days for Queensland's calendar for sure.

When: 26 – 28 June 2016

Where: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre

Register online:

Foodtech Queensland is strictly a trade only event. Children are not permitted.

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