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Refrigerated transport refers to a class of transportation containers that have climate controlled interiors. The purpose of the refrigerated transport container is to improve the life of perishable goods such as fresh foods (meat or dairy products), as well as other temperature-sensitive cargo like some industrial chemicals. Many special concerns exist when dealing with the transportation of refrigerated goods. Truck operators must be able to troubleshoot equipment problems, or risk spoiling the cargo. Routes and fuel must be carefully considered to ensure timely delivery without any problems. Because of this, specialised refrigerated transport services have emerged to give expert service in this market.

A related service is refrigerated storage. When bulk refrigerated cargo is being shipped, the receiver does not always intend to use all the goods immediately. Because of the cost of installing an industrial-sized refrigerated storage area on site, it is often more cost effective to outsource it to a refrigerated storage service. Larger refrigeration units are much less expensive to operate proportionally to their size; hence great savings can be achieved over the purchase and maintenance of a small on-site unit. The perishable goods can be delivered from a nearby refrigerated storage facility as needed in smaller quantities.

  • Refrigerated Utes
    BajAir provides an extensive range of refrigerated transport truck bodies and a huge variety of refrigeration units guaranteed to meet your task.
  • Regular Maintenance
    BajAir provides regular maintenance to a wide range of equipment.
Refrigerated Transport Services
FG Refrigeration specialises in transport refrigeration, offering mobile repairs, construction, installation, maintenance, manufacturing, as well as a 24-hour mobile service. FG Refrigeration provides services for trucks, vans, buses, caravans, cars, and utes, for industrial and commercial uses. These include diesel, electric, eutectic bodies, insulated bodies, off-engine drive, petrol, and rear ...
  • Vans | Fibreglassed Refrigerated
    Truck Freezer Rentals offers fully fibreglassed refrigerated vans, which are suitable for drivers not familiar with overheight/overwidth transport equipment. These vehicles ...
  • Pallet Trucks | 10 Pallet
    10 pallet trucks feature a choice of slideaway or cantilever taillifts and are equipped with 3-Phase electric standby.
  • Transport
    J P Xpress refrigerated transport covers the areas from Port Douglas/Mossman north of Cairns to Innisfail south of Cairns and the Tablelands, Atherton, Mareeba, Yungaburra ...
  • Storage
    J P Xpress refrigerated storage services major retailers, foodservice distributors, manufacturers as well as Far North Queensland and Cairns local seafood, meat and farmers ...
  • Container Transport
    OFE Refrigerated Transport offers a range of dynamic shipping container transport solutions all over Melbourne and Victoria.
  • Refrigerated Vehicles
    With hundreds of clients across the state, OFE Refrigerated Transport is one of Victoria's premier refrigerated transport service providers.