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RH Sensor - EMD Series

Supplier: GE Sensing

General Eastern purchased Phys-Chem Scientific Corp. for their high quality resistive sensor.


Now General Eastern manufactures those same high quality sensors in our own facility. First, there was the EMD-2000 sensor, known for its tight accuracy and strong resistance to chemicals.

The EMD-2000 is joined by the EMD-3000, which offers not only high accuracy but also improved hysteresis and a compact size. Both sensors are bulk polymer RH sensors that change resistance as the relative humidity changes.

Now, the EMD-4000 is capable of withstanding environments where organic vapors are present. It recovers from condensing environments and may be used at temperatures up to 185°F (85°C)

EMD Relative Humidity Sensors are ideal for humidity measurement applications that require a high degree of accuracy without calibration.

The EMD-3000 offers low hysteresis (<1% RH) and accuracy as close as ±1% RH. The EMD-2000 sensor includes an HDPE filter cover that protects the sensor during handling and helps keep contaminants from affecting performance.

The EMD-3000 can be utilized in many existing probe configurations. The sensor's design employs a reliable, inexpensive approach, which enhances its interchangeability and permits a lower cost.

The small size means it can fit into most existing designs, where space is at a premium.

The EMD-4000 is capable of insitu measurement of soluble water in organic liquids such as transformer oil, gasoline, toluene, acetone, and other compounds of varying hydrogen bond strengths.

The EMD-4000 is highly repeatable and interchangeable.

Features & Benefits of RH Sensor : EMD Series:

  • 20% - 98% RH Range
  • < ± 1% Hysteresis
  • Excellent Long Term Stability (< 1% RH/Year)
  • Available Accuracies of ± 1, 2, 3, 5% RH
  • Exceptional Chemical Resistance
  • Compact Package

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