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Rotacaster Rototruck & Stair Climber Hand Trucks | R.J. Cox

Supplier: R.J. Cox Engineering

Multi directional rotacasters provide a static wheelbase that ensures a stable load environment with unrivalled maneuverability.


Rotocaster Stair Climber - Hand Truck Part Number HTSC-3125P1

  • Maximum 220kg Capacity
  • Stair Climber Triple Wheels Assembly specifically designed for ascending and decending stairs.
  • The Rotocaster sideways castor action allows the trolley to navigate around tight corners much easier, ideal for use in stairwells.
  • Optional Ratchet Strap Assembly Available
  • Ratchet Assembly allows you to securely fasten the item to the hand truck, this allows you to safely transport the item without it falling off, particularly useful going up and down steps

Rollers Polyurethane S95A

Rotacaster Rollers Polyurethane S95A

Rotatruck reduces the risk of strain injury and improves productivity by

  • Fully supporting the load removing the need to balance it
  • Negotiating obstructions single steps and kerbs in a forward direction without the need to reverse 
  • Levering rather than lifting a load up or over an obstruction or kerbs using less force improving ergonomic posture of the user
  • Reducing the pull back effort required to change from upright to the operating position
  • Allowing loading to be completed in the operating position removing the need to pull back heavy loads
  • Freeing up hands to open doors without parking or balancing the load
  • Rotational and lateral direct sideways maneuverability in confined spaces such as lifts corridors and storerooms
  • Excellent tracking characteristics even across trafficable inclines 

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Rotocaster DollyRotacaster Dolly

Dollies have always been a handy tool for moving things, however when it comes to an awkward or heavy load the need to traverse an incline or maneuvering in a confined space that simple task can often turn into a balancing act requiring a little more exertion than initially thought.  This can often lead to overturned loads damaged walls or worse, a strain injury

The use of rotacaster fixed multi-directional wheels create a static relationship between the centre of the load, its orientation, and the wheelbase. This reduces both the effort and risks associated with the movement of loads through the following unique advantages:

Models Available
DLA1-2125P1-G1 220kg 450mm x  320mm Polyurethane S85A
DLA2-2125P1-G1  220kg  500mm x  400mm  Polyurethane S85A
DLA3-2125P1-G1 220kg 600mm x  450mm Polyurethane S85A 

Load stability Less effort is required to balance a load during turning and rotation due to the static load and wheel base relationship reducing the risk of overturning a load and strain injuries

Tracking and Directional Control Due to the fixed orientation of the wheels changing the direction of the load and platform means changing the direction of the wheels. This ensures the wheels track predominantly in the direction the load is steered, reducing the effort and twisting action associated with strain injuries.

Conversely swivel casters only change direction when movement is arrested and recreated in the new direction often requiring additional tortional force increasing the risk of strain injuries. This tracking capability also reduces the tendency for crabbing and the resulting inclination to pull rather than push a load

Incline Performance The above characteristics combine to provide greater control and method of safer traversing of

Lightweight and Durable The welded aluminium frame with fixed recessed housed multi directional wheels means no swivel mechanisms or bolts, other than axles to damage or maintain ensuring consistent trouble free performance for the life of the product

Optional Accessories
Rotatruck Aluminium Beverage Pallet
Suits Rotatruck Toe Plate


 Hand Truck Ratchet Assembly - Rotatruck Load Safety Strap
Hand Truck Ratchet Assembly - Rotatruck Load Safety Strap

Fits most brands of stair climbing hand trolleys on the market.

 Now Available Aluminium Rotacaster Hand Trucks

Rotatruck Aluminium Self Supporting Stair Climber Double
Rotatruck Aluminium Self Supporter with 4 x Rotacaster Wheels
Rotatruck Aluminium Self Supporter with 10" Wheel