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Safety gloves are a personal protective equipment (ppe) used across industries to protect hands from injury. Protective gloves are designed to prevent hands from being exposed to acidic, caustic, oily, abrasive or erosive materials, chemicals, toxic substances, germs, heat or even aggressive wildlife.

Depending upon the application, gloves can be disposable or reused and provide appropriate levels of comfort, dexterity and durability. Applications such as welding require special heat-resistant reusable gloves, whilst medical or pharmaceutical applications require sterilised disposable gloves.

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  • Accelerator Free Nitrile Disposable Glove ...
    The N-Dex Free nitrile disposable glove is the perfect choice for those who need to wear disposable gloves, but may have an allergy to latex or accelerators.
  • Cut Resistant Glove | S-Tex 350
    The S-Tex 350 incorporates new Hagane Coil technology from Showa Glove, which provides superior flexibility and cut resistance. Add a nitrile coating to this liner and you ...
  • Traffiglove Precise - NA 855
    The Precise incorporates special fibre technology, giving Higher Risk Cut and Abrasion protection and the ever popular polyurethane coating.
  • Black Knight Glove - NA 324
    The original and still the best: the Black Knight Glove! Offering unrivalled service in Oily or Dry Industrial Environments.
  • Gloves
    All chrome leather gloves from Able Industries are an ideal safety workwear.
  • Hi-Vis Wet Weather Jacket
    Wet weather jacket Hi vis with reflective tape is an ideal day night 3/4 raincoat for industrial use.
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