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Safety standards in mine rescue

Supplier: Dräger
21 March, 2011

There are few areas in the mining industry that can encapsulate the spirit of mate-ship, dedication and skill that is part and parcel of mine rescue.

Since 1970, environmental issues have been increasingly important, including the health of miners.

Mining laws in developed countries require trained, properly-equipped mine rescue personnel to be available at all mining operations both on the surface and underground. These personnel make up what is known as a "mine rescue team".

Mine rescue teams must know the procedures used to rescue miners trapped by various hazards, including fires, explosions, cave-ins, toxic gas, smoke inhalation, and water entering the mine.  As mine rescue is particularly dangerous work, rescue crews are usually made up of volunteers who risk their own lives to save their fellow workers.

Most mine rescue teams are composed of miners who know the particular mine extremely well, and are familiar with the various sorts of mine machinery they may encounter during the rescue, the layout of workings and geological conditions and working practices. Local and state governments may also have teams on call ready to respond to mine accidents.

Mine rescue teams are trained in first aid and the use of a wide variety of tools, and, in the case of underground rescues, the operation of SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) breathing sets (to work in passages filled with mine gases such as firedamp, afterdamp, chokedamp, and sometimes shallow submersion).

Mine rescue men have been using breathing sets almost since they were invented. Right from the beginning Dräger has been part of the development of breathing protection equipment for the mining industry. 

Providing safety for miners for over 100 years Dräger and the mining industry share a long history together. Providing products you can rely on when it counts is Dräger’s motto. Associated with the mining industry for over 100 years, Dräger has made it its mission to provide the best possible safety for miners and for the protection of their property.

Dräger’s aim is to continually improve safety standards within the mining industry by providing miners with intelligent solutions and most reliable products. Our services and safety equipment combine our long years of experience with visionary thinking.

Upholding a long tradition, Dräger sees it as their duty to meet the constantly changing and complex challenges of the mining industry. The Dräger company has always been characterized by inventiveness, pioneering spirit and implementation capability. With the development of the "Model 1904" closed-circuit breathing apparatus over 100 years ago, Johann Heinrich Dräger and his son Alexander Bernhard were entering new territory in the field of mine rescue. 

Until today mines rescue teams rely on Dräger equipment to get the job done in a safe and timely manner to ensure that effective aid can be provided in case of an emergency. An important part of any safe rescue is the Dräger compressed air breathing apparatus PSS 5000 and the Dräger PSS BG 4 plus closed-circuit apparatus.