Security Fencing

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Security fencing refers to the use of a barrier to enclose an area so as to protect it against vandalism and unauthorised entry.

Security fencing suppliers offer a wide range of security fencing options to cater for different security needs.  Some examples of security fencing options are electric fencing, double wire security fencing, welded wire mesh security fencing, barbed wire security fencing, chain link security fencing, pyramid razor wire security fencing, colorbond fencing, timber fencing, aluminium fencing, paling fencing and glass fencing.

Some security fencing suppliers also specialise in steel fencing for road and traffic safety. Some examples are guard rail, wire rope fencing, pedestrian fencing and palisade fencing.  

Security fencing suppliers often offer custom design, manufacturing and installation services.

  • Fencing
    Vannaclip offer a wide variety of security fencing to match our gates and turnstiles.
  • Security Gates
    Vannaclip is Australia's leading manufacturer of High Security Gates, Fencing, Turnstiles, Boom Gates and other specialised security products in conjunction with Access ...
  • Croc Top®
    Australian Security Fencing Pty Ltd has developed the 'Croc Top®' Security Fencing as an inexpensive security barrier option for deterring would be intruders from climbing ...
  • The Electric Detection System® (EDS) ...
    Electric Detection System Security Fencing Winnebago (10 of 12)
  • Industrial Fencing
    If you are looking for high security around your premises then Auto Gates and Fencing (AGF) has the solution for it. AGF is having a large experience in all types of ...
  • Domestic Fencing
    All residential fencing and Pool fence are made out or either Steel or Aluminium. We design and manufacture all style and types of fences. We guarantee you satisfaction in ...
  • Alarm Systems & Monitoring
    Alarm System Design At BDI security we will design a security system that will be “site specific” and meet your every requirement. We can design your system from various ...
  • Intercoms
    Allows you to communicate with somebody outside of your premises before committing yourself to answering the door.
  • Business Alarm Package 3
    Centurion's business security systems allow you to manage access, monitor business from remote locations, and safeguard your assets from theft and vandalism.
  • Business Alarm Package 2
    Centurion's business security systems allow you to manage access, monitor business from remote locations, and safeguard your assets from theft and vandalism.
  • Dominator Panel Fencing
    Fielders Dominator Panel Fencing offers a stylish appearance from both sides and blends beautifully with any environment.
  • Dominator Tubular/Pool Fencing
    The Fielders Dominator Tubular Fencing system with its straightforward and clean tubular steel finish is ideal for fencing your pool safely. It provides a strong and secure ...
  • Mobile Patrols
    Security Patrol Service that can conduct a full lock up of your premises coupled with external and internal checks of your property.
  • VETEC Man & Dog Teams
    LIBERTY SECURITY PROTECTION speciality is the provision of highly trained protection canines and skilled handlers.
  • Fence - Construction Fence
    Fence - Construction Fence, Melbourne Temporary Fencing provides safe, mobile fencing solutions for a broad range of applications;
  • Fence - Temporary Fence
    Fence - Temporary Fence, we can supply you with fence products for all your fencing applications.
  • Travel Security
    Regroup provides complete travel security services in overtly hostile environments
  • Equipment Recovery
    Regroup provides complete, cost-effective Equipment Recovery and Salvage services in overtly hostile environments.