Sensor Test Box - TB10 Series

The sensor test box is a unit designed to facilitate testing of sensors in the field.

Features of Sensor Test Box - TB10 Series

  • Bright LED’s
  • Robust PVC housing
  • Internal power source to supply sensors
  • Easy to use

Applications for Sensor Test Box - TB10 Series

  • Required to align Wind Direction Sensor
  • Will indicate if sensors are working
  • Detect short circuited sensors
  • determines approx. calibration of sensors

The sensor test box allows the operator to make "Good" or "faulty" decisions with ease. Although it is not accurate, it also enables an assessment of the calibration. A push switch allows to test if the battery has deteriorated too far and needs replacement before sensible results are obtained.

The short circuit LED will indicate when the current of the connected sensor exceeds 7.5 milli Amp. The "Signal" LED lights with every pulse from the sensor. This can be used when the pulsing rate is very slow. i.e. Raingauge or windspeed. The "Period" light equals the input pulse divided by 128.

This indicator can be used for sensors with a fast output pulse rate. For instance: if the input frequency is supposed to be 40 pulses/second the LED should flash once every (128/40)=3 seconds

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