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Signet's Range of 3M Spray Adhesives

Supplier: Signet

Signet stocks a range of 3M spray adhesives which all vary in purpose and application. Within the range there are a number of convenient solutions to effectively bond a range of materials securely together.


3M 75 Repositional Spray Adhesive – 267g Can

  • Commonly used to bond lightweight materials such as paper, cardboard, acetate and plastic.
  • Effectively adheres surfaces together quickly, while also having an extended tack range that allows the items to be repositioned to ensure the placement is just right.

3M 77 Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive – 471g Can

  • High quality, general purpose spray adhesive.
  • It is an effective adhesive for a number of tasks in display and furniture applications as it adheres to a variety of materials.
  • The particle spray pattern ensures a quick, aggressive tack for effective adhesion.

3M 90 High Strength Spray Adhesive – 471g Can

  • This spray adhesive creates a permanent bond to a wide variety of materials such as metal, wood, glass, fabric, flexible foam and paper.
  • It is also low misting during application, ensuring accurate spray control to get the job done quickly.

3M 76 High Tack Spray Adhesive – 515g Can

  • High-Tack Spray Adhesive bonds to a number of surfaces including fabric, felt, cardboard, many plastics, wood, metal and glass.
  • It is ideal for use when you require a fast tacking and quick strength build up spray adhesive that creates a durable bond.

3M 74 Foam Adhesive – 489g Can

  • The foam adhesive is ideal for effectively bonding foams and urethanes together or alternatively to materials such as wood, metal and plastic.
  • This foam adhesive ensures high coverage, immediate bonds and an aggressive tack making it an ultra-effective adhesive solution.
  • When applied it is yellow in colour and the spray pattern ensures no bleeding or wrinkling.

Signet stock a number of adhesive solutions from 3M including general packaging tapes, VHB tapes and masking tape. View the full range of 3M Spray Adhesives.