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Specialised Castors - Stainless Steel

Supplier: Fallshaw Wheels & Castors

Powder coated


We have powder coated castors specially designed for corrosive environments (particularly shower chair applications). Our powder coated castors are first zinc plated and then powder coated so as to better resist corrosion from substances such as alkaline soaps and other cleaning agents.

The castors have stainless steel bottom races and twin ball races with stainless steel balls covered by a diaphragm shroud to stop water entering from above (the top race is zinc plated only). The castors are powder coated in Interpon colour "Anodic Natural Matte".

The wheels are available with a plain acetal (corrosion free) bush or a stainless steel precision bearing. Threadguards prevent the build-up of hair and lint.

Stainless steel

Our stainless steel castors are the premium castors for corrosive environments. With a wide range of styles and load capacities available, we have castors to suit almost all corrosive applications.

All castors in our stainless steel range are completely corrosion-free with all metal components made from stainless steel.

Chemical resistance

Chemical resistance of materials used in castors and wheels.

The castors and wheels we make have worked well for many years in many uses and places around the world. However, sometimes you may want to apply them in places for more corrosive than the usual industrial environment.

We lay out here what can be expected from some of the more severe chemicals used, and ask that if you plan to use our products under severe conditions that you contact us with full details beforehand and we will be pleased to advise you.