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Spotlight On – Christopher Jones

Supplier: Christopher Jones
17 June, 2014

Improving your results in any endeavour need not be as hard as you expect. As personal performance coach Christopher Jones recently told IndustrySearch, the secret to embracing life's challenges comes from knowledge dating back thousands of years.

IndustrySearch: What is the nature of your business?

Christopher Jones: The purpose behind my work is to help organisations – whether they're a business, sporting team, or a team of one individual – get the best out of themselves by applying some traditional, ancient health practices.

Many of these have been forgotten over a long time, but in recent years and decades have been not just rediscovered, but even redeveloped and improved on. By spending a bit of time setting yourself up for your day you get a lot more out of your day. The better people feel, the better they perform. It's as simple as that. And by applying some of these techniques people feel better.

IS: What are the key elements of your training people might not be aware of?

CJ: Some of the things I cover may initially seem terribly simple and obvious to people, but it's amazing the things that are critical in life that we have no training in: breath, air, water, food, relaxation. All are critical things for living life to its full – but do we get taught anything about those things in school? Very little. How often do you take a conscious breath? Almost never. How often are you really aware of the water you drink? Almost never. Areas that appear to many of us to be very simple are very important.

IS: Are there any specifics on how someone can benefit from your coaching?

CJ: You have someone who holds a senior position in a company; he's sitting in a boardroom and his back is killing him. He's not going to be giving his best to the company. It isn't possible – his mind is on his pain. Very simple exercises got me out of trouble years ago with my back, and they can be applied by anybody. They're not hard and they don't even require specialist knowledge. It's simply a matter of treating the human body kindly. We don't treat ourselves kindly enough.

IS: Is it simple to incorporate this training?

CJ: This doesn't have to be hard. You can incorporate these elements into your life surprisingly simply with not a lot of effort – physical or mental. And you'll get back way more than you put in. That's the important thing – if you put in 'X' you'll get back 'X + 1'.

IS: What can people gain from your training?

CJ: The critical aspect of the work I do, and the thing which is most important to me, is I leave people with a formula that they can quickly and easily institute in their lives. It will leave them feeling better – physically, mentally, in all ways – so that they perform at their natural best without making great external efforts.

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