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Stack Inverter

Supplier: Trio Packaging Systems

A new tool is available for inverting corrugated boxes. It is the Systematic Stack Inverter. This innovative machine fits right into a floor conveyor and inverts finished stacks on demand. It is fast too, handling up to three stacks per minute.


Now you have a choice: you can invert bundles at your finishing lines with our Bundle Inverter or invert whole stacks in your shipping conveyor line with our Stack Inverter.

Features of Stack Inverter:


Time is Money. The Systematic Stack Inverter wastes no time. It is compact so that stacks can stage close for quick entry and exit. The drives are variable speed so that stacks can move in and invert quickly. It can interface with your conveyor system so that loads can be promptly identified for passing through or being inverted. Wherever possible, time has been considered to maximize throughput.

A firm grip

When inverting stacks, it’s a good idea to get a good grip on things. The Systematic Stack Inverter has great conveyors for the job. Two full-width, steady-state belts sandwich the stack. These belts have very flat, high friction surfaces that squeeze the stack and ensure a good grip. The belts also offer very low maintenance.

Stack support where needed

In addition to squeezing the stack vertically, we support the low side of the stack while inverting. Stack support arms swing in from the sides and press lightly against the stack, providing mid-stack support.

Invert or pass stacks

The Systematic Stack Inverter inverts and passes stacks on demand.

No pit needed

What makes the Systematic Stack Inverter different? For starters, it does not require a pit. It operates at a standard conveyor height of 12”. Due to its unique design, it can invert stacks up to 72” tall without the need for additional floor clearance.


The Systematic Stack Inverter is very well guarded with physical and electronic guarding. Our manual provides safety procedures for operation and maintenance.