Surveillance Equipment | ScoutGuard SG550V8

The ScoutGuard SG550V8 Digital Scouting Cameras are automatic working surveillance devices.

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The cameras can be triggered by any movement (of humans and animals) in a certain region of interest monitored by a highly sensitive Passive Infra-Red (PIR) motion sensor, even in total darkness thanks to the build-in infrared LED flash. High quality pictures (up to 5 mega pixels) or video clips are taken consequently upon the triggering and recorded onto an SD card (32 Gb max size). They are a very small single unit powered by AA batteries for up to months at a time.

Features of SG550V8:

  • Compact size (13cm x 8.25cm x 5.1cm)
  • Easy to use
  • Ultra low stand-by power consumption (<0.2Ah/month), durable and convenient with AA batteries (>80days)
  • Quick trigger time (<1.3 seconds)
  • Real 5/3 Mega Pixels CMOS sensor, high quality picture
  • Infra-red flash (no bright lights)
  • Innovative remote control with image viewing screen
  • Water resistant
  • Lockable with mounting strap, and optional cable lock
  • Suitable for hunting or security use
  • One year warrantee on parts and function
  • 24 hour operation if required
  • Video mode or still photo mode
  • Multiple shots (1 to 3 per trigger)
  • Programmable video length (1 to 60 seconds)
  • Programmable re-arm delay (1 second to 60 minutes)
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