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TD-4100 Oil In Water Monitor / Fluorometer Oil Detector / Hydrocarbon In Water Analyser

Supplier: HMA Group

The TD-4100 fluorometer accurately detects a range of hydrocarbons and oil in water including diesel, jet fuel, petrol, BTEX and is a nonfouling continuous on-line monitor. It can be applied to anaylsing industrial wastewater streams ranging from industrial wastewater, process water, portable waer intakes, groundwater, untreated wastewater streams and storm water run-off.


Being an on-line hydrocarbon in water monitor that detects aromatic hydrocarbons in water using fluorometry in combination with a proprietary falling-stream flow cell, the TD-4100 fluorometer is able to activate process control devices to stop, divert, or dilute process streams, and permits process monitoring through system-function, and sample-level alarm contact and analogue sample level outputs.

Compared with other hydrocarbon in water detection methods such as ultraviolet or infrared spectrophotometry, the TD-4100 offers:

1. Higher intrinsic sensitivity, from 100 to 1000 times greater than pure absorption detection methods;

2. High selectivity, by “targeted hydrocarbon” optical tuning, minimizing chemical interferences and sample turbidity false alarms; and

3. Low maintenance due to the non-contact, non-fouling falling stream flow cell and the analyzer design which has only one moving part.

The TD-4100 electronics and a highly sensitive light detector allow oil to be detected from the parts-per-million (PPM) to parts-per-billion (PPB) range.

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