The height of access design

Supplied by: Kerrect
09 January, 2012

The Kerrect solution

Architects design brief

Design a system which will give complete access to all of the various façades and their elements for cleaning and routine maintenance. It must be unobtrusive, meet the needs of the building and those using it, be in keeping with the design and finishes specified and comply with all relevant safety codes.

The challenges

To provide an industrial rope access system and any ancillaries which will be in sympathy with the architectural style of the building and the materials used in the various design elements of the façade and will provide complete access including where these elements provide a constraint on conventional access whilst still complying to the Australian standards.

The Kerrect solution

The areas where the facade was clad with Alpolic were addressed by utilising the UNIRAIL system in Industrial Rope Access configuration. Unirail is a sturdy extruded star shaped rail approx 38mm square which can be installed using a concealed fixing. Supplied in natural anodised finish it allowed a continuous straight line and gave the appearance of being another of the design elements rather than a tacked on solution. Movable trolleys provide full and continued access for cleaning and maintenance, and all of the system is compliant and certified to AS/NZ 4488 (Industrial Rope Access). On the Western elevation a demountable aluminium tripod gantry was designed, built and proof load tested and subsequently settled on as the final design, with flush fitting anchors and removable caps to mount it. All anchors were proof load tested to AS/ NZ 4488 and certified. The glass roof required yet another approach in solutions thinking and the Kerrect team decided a removable “Spider” was the answer. As no penetrations  were allowed in the glass the design of the spider gives full and safe access to all to areas of the glass.. When not in use the Spider is simply removed and can easily be carried and stowed by one man. The fixing points were designed and engineer certified to AS/NZ 4488.


Numerous other conventional fall arrest and fall restraint systems were installed by Kerrect, however our pride lies in the fact that we achieved our design brief of providing Height Safety and Access Systems which are aesthetically in harmony with the building and its design elements and fulfil the tasks for which they are intended, are all compliant with the relevant safety standards and were completed on time and in budget.

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