Thermoweldable Tools

A complete range of Welding Irons, clamps and cutting tools are available to suit every belt including polyurethane round and vee sections

Standard Welding Kit

Welding kit for round and V belts including:

M51 Welding Iron - J60 Clamp - S135 Cutter -Cleaning Pliers - Knife.

All supplied in a sturdy Briefcase.


Welding Iron (Thermostated) for vee belts, round belts and Flat belts up to 50mm wide with Teflon Tip (Optional)240v 50Hz or 110v (please state which voltage required when ordering)


As above for belts up to 120mm wide. M200, M300 and M400 also available

240v 50Hz or 110v (Please state which voltage required whe ordering


Clamp for Round Belts and Flat Belts up to 50mm wide.

Overlap Welding Kit

The Overlap welding system the latest development in belt joining technique, is used for joining Vee and Round Section Reinforced Belts. The two ends of the Reinforced Belt are held in the Clamp overlapping, the Iron with the special shaped blade is introduced between them. The Clamp is then gradually closed to a point previously set on the calibrated scale, the Iron is then removed and the Clamp closed to allow the Belt to cool. When the Belt is removed from the Clamp and the flashing pared away the joint has the aramid reinforcements from both ends overlaid resulting in a much stronger joint

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