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Tracked Elevating Device (TED) Belly Pan Jack | TED-001

Supplier: Safety MITS

The original remote controlled, all terrain belly plate Jack, the TED -- Tracked Elevating Device -- is also a mobile tool handler.


Specifically designed to remove belly plates and undercarriage components on the world’s largest mining and earthmoving dozers with more efficiency and safety than ever before.

The wireless Remote control allows personnel to work from a safe distance when removing heavy and awkward components.By doing this you have removed the human element from underneath the equipment during critical lift tasks. A unique feature of TED is its ability to be used on all terrain form down in the pit to inside the workshop. TED will not only save lives but substantial amounts of time and money by allowing maintenance to be carried out in the field or workshop more efficiently.

Using TED can result in a time saving of in-excess of 70% over conventional belly pan and component replacement and installation methods.

An extensive range of accessories available including,

  • Stand Location Device
  • Track Roller Cradle
  • Cutting Edge R&I Tool
  • Steel Cylinder Cradle
  • Cutting Edge Tool
  • Slope Jig
  • Cushion Track Upgrade
  • Tip Rescue Trailer


  • Coded wireless remote control to AS:4240
  • Complies with the strain standards, AS4100, AS3990, AS1544 and AS-4240
  • Electrical certification to SIL2
  • 100% Australian designed and manufactured
  • Safe Working Load (SWL) 800 kg
  • Skid steer maneuverability
  • All-terrain compatible
  • Compact collapsed height 300mm
  • Maximum lift height 1.17mtrs
  • Width 700mm
  • Approximate weight 400 kg
  • 2 speed hydraulically driven track
  • 360° turntable dual pole battery isolator with lockout
  • Nonhazardous AGM batteries
  • On-board battery charger Working strobe light and audible alarm
  • Emergency stop on remote control and Ted
  • Hour meter
  • Your choice of soft or hard faced tracks

Tracked Elevating Device (TED) Belly Pan Jack