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Turbine Oil & Water Seperation Systems | Kaydon Filtration

Supplier: HMA Group

We have a range of Kaydon Filtration systems which remove harmful water from lubricating and fuel oils from your turbine lubricating oil.


Kaydon's turbine oil conditioners are designed to remove solid particles, water and "varnish" from turbine oil. Large and medium size turbines with reservoir sizes up to 45,500 litres can be conditioned using the Turbo-TOC® & BCA® systems. These oil conditioning systems are used as an off-line "Kidney Loop" system to condition turbine oil in a turbine oil reservoir. These systems are utilised on turbine oil lube systems and are used for steam turbines, combustion (gas) turbines, and hydroelectric turbines.

Turbine oil contaminants can lead to turbine failure and unscheduled maintenance. The installation of a Kaydon's Turbo-TOC® turbine oil conditioning system can quickly and efficiently remove harmful water and particulates from turbine lubrication oils and maintain your turbine oil to manufacturer's specifications. The addition of a BCA® ion exchange system provides a "varnish" removal system removing unwanted varnish coating of metallic parts.

The benefits of the Kaydon Filtration Systems include:

  • Longer Turbine Life - Keeps the oil system flushed and harmful contaminates removed. Oil reliability is increased.
  • Reduced Bearing Failures - When both water and particulate are brought down to acceptable levels, bearing failures will decrease or be eliminated.
  • Fewer Forced Outages - Contaminated oil, especially high water contamination, can potentially cause an unwanted outage. A continuous flow oil conditioning system can quickly remove the contamination, thus preventing a forced outage.
  • Less-Costly Turbine Rebuilds - Clean turbine oil increases turbine dependability and helps in the reduction of repair costs that are directly associated with contaminated oil.