Two Hand Control Devices | Safeball™

Supplier: Sensorsafe

Jokab Safety has two versions of two hand control devices, the "Safeball™" is a new ergonomic control device which provide varied gripping possibilities, we have also developed and included in our range a traditional two hand control device, the JSTD20.

A two hand control can be used when it is necessary to ensure that the operator is outside and must be prevented from reaching into the hazardous area.

If the operator decides, after the start signal has been given to the machine, to make an 'after grasp' i.e. try to adjust the part that has been placed into the machine, then a dual stop signal is given to the machine.

The two hand control device is made by using two Safeballs™, each having two internal pushbuttons. The Safeballs™ must be mounted a minimum distance between each other.

The highest safety level is achieved by connecting all four pushbuttons to the JOKAB SAFETY JSBR4 safety relay. The safety relay gives a dual and supervised safety function and requires input activation within 0.5 seconds in order to start the machine.

It also checks that all four pushbuttons have returned to their deactivated positions before a new start is allowed. The JSBR4 safety relay also provides a stop signal if one or more pushbuttons are released.

Safeball™ is also a very practical method of providing a one hand control device as it is very easy to find and activate by the machine operator. One hand devices should only be used when the operator cannot reach into the hazardous area with his/her free hand or on less dangerous machines.

To achieve the highest safety level for one hand control the Safeball™ must be connected to the JOKAB SAFETY RT6 safety relay.

Features of Two Hand Control Devices - Safeball™:

  • Ergonomic
  • Low activation force
  • Flexible mounting
  • Several grip possibilities
  • Highest safety level
  • Two channel switching in each hand

Function of Two Hand Control Devices - Safeball™:

  • Two hand device
  • One hand device


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