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Vacuum Lifting Equipment, Jib Cranes & Electric Chain Hoists

Supplier: Millsom Materials Handling

We've got your every need covered. Select from our 'off-the-shelf' items or customise it to your exact specifications.


Millsom Materials Handling has been a leader in lifting and materials handling equipment for more than 30 years.

Jib and Slewing Cranes

Jib Cranes are generally the most effective and cost efficient method of satisfying your localised handling needs. Versatility and ease of operation are just two compelling reasons to consider the jib crane as your dedicated workstation materials handling equipment. Jib Cranes are ideal for supporting air tools, balancers, hoists, or specialised materials handling equipment. Lifting Capacities range from 35kg to 5000kg.

Light Capacity Track Cranes

Utilising our Track Sections and Accessories, the light capacity track cranes are an ideal method of lifting light to medium loads, without the need to use more expensive powered travel girder cranes. Lifting capacities range from 35kg to 1000kg.

Bridge Cranes

Our bridge cranes are an indispensable tool in those areas of work which require the movement of heavier materials. We have a varied range of standard bridge cranes, in both single and double girder designs. Lifting Capacities range from 250kg to 10,000kg.

VacuMaster Horizontal Sheet Lifters – Lift and Move Steel or Timber Sheets

Lifting and loading of product onto CNC machines, metal-cutting machines, metal process / forming machines and power saws. The "Vacumaster-Basic" allows for the horizontal handling and transferring of your products, with a wide range of loads from 75kg through to 750 kg.

VacuMaster – 180° Sheet Lifter

The VacuMaster 180° vacuum lifters allows a horizontal load to be lifted and rotated 180° allowing increased flexibility and safety when transferring your loads.

Jumbo Vacuum Tube Lifters

Lift and move porous or non-porous Timber Sheets on and off your CNC with ease.

JumboFlex 35 Tube Lifters

One of the most versatile vacuum tube lifters on the marketplace today, with many different gripper heads allowing handling of boxes, bags, drums, sacks, rolls of film or foil, luggage, etc. Lift almost anything weighing less than 35kg.

Jumbo Vacuum Lifters with Multi-Gripper

Handling of non-rigid and oddly shaped products such as cardboard boxes or products with soft and flexible surfaces. The special feature of this materials handling equipment is the design of the vacuum gripper system, which allows it to adapt itself to the shape of the object to be lifted. This ensures a high degree of safety and flexibility during handling.