Voltage Monitoring Relay | ELKO

To monitor voltage of the mains and to protect equipment that is sensitive to over/under voltage, load disconnection of flat battery - adjustable delay 0 - 10 sec (for elimination of short term failures or peaks)

  • setting of voltage levels and time delay via potentiometers


  • enables to adjust upper voltage level in range AC 160 - 216 V and under level in range 30-99 % of upper level -11 max and U min can be monitored independently


  • as HRN-33. Range of monitored voltage DC 18-30v. It is designated to monitor battery circuits (12,24V)


  • like HRN-33, but with independent output relays for each voltage level
  • it is for example possible to use voltage output for switching another load then by using under- voltage output
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