Water Leak Detector | Series WD2

The very affordable Series WD2 detects leaking conductive fluids and alarms to prevent the leak from creating costly damage.

The WD2 relies on the electrical conductivity of water to change the resistance across the two contacts located at the base of the enclosure. Model WD2-BP2 is battery powered, provides audible alarm, LED visual alarm, and a SSR output. Also featured is a low battery warning. WD2-LP units are line powered and include a green power indication LED.

Mounting bracket A-154 is perfect for use in leak pans where it is desired to raise the sensing level above the bottom of the pan to eliminate nuisance alarms. The bracket can be mounted to the bottom of the pan and the height of the WD2 adjusted anywhere up to 1.75" (44.5 mm). Or the bracket can be used to mount the WD2 to the side of the drip pan or any side wall at desired height.

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