Wear Resistant Rubber Lining

We can rubber line pipes, spools, hoppers and almost any surface that requires wear resistant rubber fitted.

Our range of Wear Resistant Rubber Linings include fusion wear, linatex,rudex etc. We can rubber line in house including diamond groove and ceramic pulley lagging.

Wear & Abrasion

Our wear and abrasion resistant rubber lining products use premium grade natural rubber compounds, specially formulated for superior wear and abrasion resistance properties. They will provide years of service in high wear areas, and are manufactured with a proprietary bonding layer on one or both sides. We offer a variety of types to suit your application.

Our scraper rubber has multi layer construction to provide long wear life with excellent cleaning capabilities. The hard outside layers provide impact protection while the softer inside layer provides superior cleaning.

Fusion offers a variety of pulley lagging products to suit different applications, tensions and belt ratings. Our FusionLagg products offer excellent wear resistance, and feature the Fusion bonding layer technology which provides a superior bond to the pulley face, and shortens installation time.

Our PrimeDrive lagging utilizes aircraft grade aluminum cores in a flexible wing design and is fastened with self-tapping corrosion resistant bolts. PrimeDrive is the most unique lagging offering in years. It completely eliminates the grinding and cutting required to remove lagging that has corroded after months of use. It can be easily fastened with a pneumatic drill and socket driver, avoiding the use of burn permits and the risk of fire or explosion. Change-outs can be accomplished in 2-3 hours because the hole pattern already exists!


We offer full tool kits for fabric, steel cable, or lightweight belting splicing. We also offer individual tools, knives, rollers, brushes, clamps, stitchers, cable cutters, winches, grinders, buffers, and much more.

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