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XMT868-Flow Transmitter

Supplier: GE Sensing

The XMT868 combines state of the art flow measurement capability with a low-cost transmitter package that measures only 53 x 42.6 cm , weighs only 4.50 kg, and can be installed right at the process measurement point. The all-digital XMT868 has no moving parts, never needs regular maintenance, and provides long-term, drift-free operation.


An on-board microprocessor provides exclusive digital signal coding and correlation detection routines, automatic adjustment to changing fluid properties, dynamically configured operating software to simplify programming, and built-in energy flow measurement (with optional RTDs and input board).

The XMT868 is provided with two built-in measurement modes, Transit-Time and TransFlection®, enabling it to measure flow in applications ranging from ultrapure liquids to extremely attenuating gas-liquid-solid mixtures that were previously handled only by Doppler meters. An optional second channel provides the capability to measure flow in two separate pipes or at two points on the same pipe, further reducing the per-point measurement cost. The second channel can also be configured for dual-path measurement at one location for maximum accuracy. The XMT868 can be used with any of GE Panametrics’ time-proven ultrasonic transducers, including wetted transducers for maximum accuracy and clamp-on transducers for maximum convenience and flexibility. Transducers, flowcells, and fixtures are available in standard and custom configurations for pipe sizes ranging from 1/2 inch to more than 200 inches in diameter.

The XMT868 measures flow rate from –40 to 40 ft/s (–12.2 to 12.2 m/s) and provides a typical accuracy better than 1% of reading with ±0.2% repeatability using wetted transducers, and 2% of reading with ±0.5% repeatability using clamp-on transducers.

The XMT868 is powered by 100/120 or 220/240 VAC (12 or 24 VDC is optional) and consumes only 12 watts of power. It is housed in a weatherproof/explosionproof enclosure suitable for Class I, Division 1 areas. The XMT868 is provided with a hand-held RCCU (Remote Control and Communication Unit) that communicates with the XMT868 via an infrared link and allows remote programming and display of flow and diagnostic data. Also supplied are dual, isolated analog outputs (0/4-20 mA) and an RS232 serial output (RS485 is optional). When used with optional IDM™ PC-based software, the serial output provides the ability to completely configure and operate the XMT868 from a PC menu-based interface.

The flexibility of the XMT868 is further enhanced with several options. These include data logging capability with 512 kB to 2 MB of memory and PCMCIA interface for data off-loading; 2-line, 16-character digital display; analog and RTD inputs; pulse/totalizer and frequency outputs; and dual alarm relays.

The XMT868 is ideal for use wherever accurate, reliable, and economical long-term flow measurement is critical to process and product quality. This includes applications such as water and wastewater management; sewage treatment; semiconductor manufacturing; hydroelectric, fossil fuel, and nuclear power; pulp and paper; and energy measurement. Measurement is noncontaminating, obstructionless, and causes no pressure drop.

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