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1500 litre cylinder provides long term solution

Supplier: CAC Gas & Instrumentation
01 December, 2011

The CAC GAS 10L Cylinder with gas capacity of 1500 litres, provides a long term cost effective calibration gas solution.

Customers who are currently consuming multiple 58 litre cylinders per year should consider the 1500 litre high pressure cylinder solution.

The 1500 litre cylinder eliminates the purchase of  25 (twenty-five) 58 litre cylinders.

It reduces the cost of calibration gas, improves efficiency, reduces the frequency and cost of purchasing cylinders and eliminates 25 cylinders going to land fill.

For mixtures such as H2S/CO/CH4/O2, the 1500 litre cylinder has a two year shelf life. Customers using as few as 12(twelve) 58 litre cylinders will consume the 1500 litre cylinder.

The cost savings per litre are huge: the average cost per litre of a 58 litre (H2S/CO/CH4//O2) is $6.90 per litre; average cost per litre of a 10L cylinder (H2S/CO/CH4/O2) is $1.88 per litre.

Capable of using on demand flow regulators and pressure regulators, the 1500 litre can be put into use with minor adjustments.

Further, CAC GAS charges no cylinder rental fees.

Simply send the empty cylinder back to CAC GAS for a refund on your next gas purchase.