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1L LSL Acid Neutraliser Re-Sealable Jar

Supplier: Spill Control

Acid Neutraliser Re-Sealable Jar is available at Spill Control Systems.

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Liquid Spill Lock Acid Neutralising Solidifier is a fast acting, flowable, powder formulated to safely neutralise and solidify spills of most common acids. It reduces the potential hazard by providing safe and effective handling after neutralisation, resulting in complete non-hazardous clean-up and easy disposal. Liquid Spill Lock Acid Neutraliser Solidifier has a inbuilt pH colour change indicator which shows a colour change as the acid is being neutralised.

Acid spills are hazardous due to their corrosive effects to eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Prolonged exposure can cause life threatening injury. When acids combine with other chemicals the reaction products can be highly toxic. LIQUID SPILL LOCK reacts immediately with spilled acids to effectively neutralise and immobilise the liquid for safe handling and disposal.

Ideal solution for small volume acid spills
Minimises potentially dangerous risks to pesonnel and the environment.
Effectively neutralises, solidifies and immobilises many acids
Easy to open containers make tools unnecessary and improves spill response times
Immediately stops the spread of corrosive acids
Minimises damage to surfaces under and around spill
Can help stop acid spills before they migrate under valuable equipment or run down drains.
Safe to use and store. Indefinte shelf life if container kept sealed.
Free flowing, non-abrasive and non-toxic agent that can be poured directly from container.
Versatile product provides safe and effective spill management
Safely deal with spilled aggressive liquids by neutralising and solidifying, instead of just absorbing.
Single process for making spilled acids non-hazardous, easy to clean-up and safe for disposal
pH colour change indicator which shows a colour change as the acid is being neutralised, maximising safety and efficiency during clean-up, by taking the guesswork out of knowing when the acid spill is neutralised
Reduces hazardous vapours and fumes
Minimises waste for disposal. Produces a non-hazardous clean, dry powder that can be swept-up.
Spill clean-up procedures, instructions and treatment rates available

Battery Shops/Manufacturers, Manufacturing Facilities, Chemical Companies, Storage Warehouse, Transport and Shipping, Schools, Universities, Research Units, Laboratories, Pharmacies and Clinics, Hospitals and Medical Labs, First Aid Sites, Emergency Response Units (Police, Fire Departments, Ambulance Officers and other Hazmat responders), Printed Circuit Board Manufacturers, Motor Garages, Vehicle Wrecking Yards, Anodizing and Plating Plants.

Liquid Spill Lock Acid Neutralising Solidifying Absorbent must be applied in conjunction with the proper Safe Work Procedures including Spill Kit Response equipment and Personal Protection Equipment (PPE).