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2 Pole 1RU Rack Mount Switch | LHS

Supplier: i-STS

Available in 16 or 30 Amps, Model A i-STS is a 2 pole, single phase 1RU 19-inch rack mount static transfer switch. designed and manufactured in Australia.


The LHS 2 Pole 1RU Rack Mount Switch allows for the safe transfer and protection of your critical load by transferring to the alternate source should the presently on line source become unusable. This is a point of distribution, 19-inch (482mm), 1U (44mm) IT rack mounted STS, (where the STS is located closest to the loads). 

This unit provides two pole, high speed, high reliability with the ruggedness of solid state thyristor or Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) as opposed to relay based imposters called ‘Source Transfer Switches’ that are offered in this physical size and rating. 

The world’s smallest, most rugged, true solid state Static Transfer Switch (STS)
To avoid the dangers of paralleling power sources, all switching is break-before-make, where the break is so small that it ensures that there will be no disruption to the operation of your connected equipment. Unlike relay based units that break and make anywhere on the power / voltage curve all changeovers occur at zero current (zero power) where the load demand at that point is minimal. The inferior relay types often provide high transient voltages during the change-over as a consequence.
The STS range
Compatible with all IT and communication equipment and available for all loads up to 30 Amperes and is passively cooled.
Easily transfer from one supply to the other with the priority source selector switch.
Bi-colour LED front panel and audible alarm provide instant recognition of STS’s state.
Voltage free change-over contact for remote monitoring.
Fully digital; high speed Digital Signal Processing (DSP) sampling for stable, reliable and predictable operation. 
Maximum reliability
Through the use of high reliability digital circuitry, redundant and independent controls; MTBFs of more than one million hours are realizable.
Load fault protection assures that a load fault is not transferred to the alternate supply even if this results in voltage degradation of the on-line source. This feature ensures that the alternate source and their connected loads remain protected against degradation caused by the overloading or by connected equipment faults.
Power to your IT equipment is via 8 IEC C13 outlet sockets and 2 C20 outlet sockets. Inlets are standard via IEC C19 Inlet sockets (or via terminals if 30 Amp loading operation is required).
Standards and Compliance
You can be assured of reliable predictable operation as the unit has been manufactured and tested to comply with all the requirements of CBEMA/ITIC & SEMI power quality standards.
2 Pole 1RU Rack Mount Switch Features:
  • Break before make transfers
  • Break time < ¼ Cycle
  • Will not transfer faults
  • Small 1RU Design
  • Passively Cooled
  • One touch transfer
  • Better than relay based
  • Voltage free contact
  • Current: 16 or 30 Amps
  • Phases: Single phase
  • Dimensions: 44mm x 483mm x 285mm (H x W x D)
  • Weight: 2.5Kg (typical)
  • Fault Current Setting: 300% Amperes peak (transfer lock-out)
We are so confident of the reliability of our equipment, we offer the industry's longest warranty period. 36 months repair or replacement policy.
For more information please call or email us for a direct reply.


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