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$25,000 annual maintenance cost saved on slurry pump

Supplier: NSK Australia
20 January, 2010

The sugar mill is a 'state of the art' fully automated mill processing cane through to the syrup stage.

The mill was experiencing serious life problems with bearings in it's slurry pumps and Mill engineering asked one of NSK's distributors to find a solution.

The bearings are exposed to water containing caustics and other chemicals and the lower bearing is often totally submerged - not a nice environment to 'change out' bearings in! The ingress of water and chemical inclusions into the Spherical Roller Bearings caused contaminated lubrication, resulting in the mill experiencing an average life span of just 2 months - and 3 changes per pump being required every season.

The solution was straight forward. NSK's Molded-Oil bearings contain an integral solid lubricant consisting of lubricating oil and polyolefin resin designed to last 8 years of continuous running under normal circumstances and are maintenance free.

The Molded-Oil bearings have now completed a full season at the mill without failure and will remain in service for at least a further year. As a result of this experience, Mill engineering is intending to install Molded-Oil bearings in all vertical shaft applications and where extended lubrication life is necessary.

In the slurry pump application alone, Molded-Oil bearings have saved the mill over $25,000 per annum in maintenance and materials costs.