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27 MHz Mobile Basestation Antennas

Supplier: Dynmast

Tapered antennas exhibit greater flexibility than the standard whips as the top section is remarkably lighter.

Price Guide: POA

Parallel whips (Type "P")
Our standard range of C.B antennas are helically wound top loaded with 0.5mm diameter copper wire on solid 6.35mm fibre-glass, covered by black, blue or whit PVC heatshrink.

Parallel whips - Heavy duty heatshrink (Type "H")
This range is mechanically constructed the same as the standard parallel whips, with the exception this antenna is covered with a heavy duty, thick walled heatshrink for added protection for severe environmental conditions.

Tapered whips (Type "T")
Tapered whips have been added to our product range to provide customers with a lighter more streamline antenna for vehicle mounting.  Again this antenna is helically wound on tapered fibreglass rod, 6.5mm at the base and 4.0mm at the tip.

A - 105 P 2Ft (600mm long) Parallel whip
A - 108 P 3Ft (900mm long) Parallel whip
A - 112 H 3Ft (900mm long) H/Duty whip
A - 118 P 5Ft (1500mm long) Parallel whip
A - 119 H 5Ft (1500mm long) H/Duty whip
A - 120 P 6Ft (1800mm long) Parallel whip
A - 123 H 6Ft (1800mm long) H/Duty whip
A - 126 T 3Ft (900mm long) Tapered whip
A - 128 T 5Ft (1500mm long) Tapered whip