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3.5kms of electrical cabling laid to complete QLD substation upgrade

Supplier: Antec Engineering
16 June, 2015

Downer Tenix, a leading delivery partner to owners of gas, electricity, waste water, heavy industrial and mining assets across Australia, designs, constructs and maintains network assets.

Project background

Downer Tenix were contracted in Toowoomba QLD to upgrade a substation and lay 3.5km of 110kva electrical cable across the Toowoomba CBD, which would supply power to the Toowoomba Grand Central Shopping Centre.

Job description

The 110kva electrical cable had been laid across the city, passing underneath a local golf course, under several roads and a rail line asset managed by Queensland Rail. Horizontal boring was used in many sections of the project with minimal disruption to rail and road traffic.

To encapsulate the cable inside the conduit, a ChemGrout CG570 Diesel Hydraulic Twin Skid was required to mix and pump Halliburton Barotherm IDP589 thermal conductive grout supplied by Baroid Industrial Products USA. This material contains Graphite 10-30 per cent and Crystalline Silica 60-70 per cent.

The grout was mixed and delivered through the hoses and into PE pipe with a specific gravity (SG) measured during the batching providing a reading of 1.36.

The solution

The ChemGrout CG570 with a 170 litre mix tank capacity and a size six progressive cavity was able to pump the thick material, which required a horizontal distance of 40 metres underneath a rail line, mixing three bags each batch. Some 87 bags were mixed in two hours and 41 minutes.

The high strength aluminium pump provided exceptionally easy access for clean up at the end of the shift. Delivering 30 litres per minute at 261 psi (18 bar) the CG570 was perfect for the application. The mix tank has a slight fall to the holding hopper, allowing for very easy discharge of thick materials such as the Barotherm IDP589.

Tough, durable and easy to use, ChemGrout proved to be the leader in grout mixer pumps.