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3 Reasons to Invest in a Stretch Wrapping Machine

Supplier: Fromm Packaging Australia
07 December, 2015

If you regularly wrap pallets, you’ve likely considered buying a stretch wrapping machine, or you’ve considered upgrading your current machine, but is it a good investment & what are the benefits?

Lower Materials Cost

Perhaps the most overlooked benefit of a good stretch wrapping machine, you could cut your film usage by as much as 66% compared to hand wrapping.

Fromm wrappers are designed to get the most out of your film, using state-of-the-art powered pre-stretch technology to stretch your film rolls. Not only does stretching reduce film cost, but it actually increases your pallet stability, helping to further reduce risk of product damage.

Do the math with your film spend, you may find that a good stretch wrapper will pay for itself in a few short years.


Less Risk Of Shipping Damage

Damage to products during transit present a major pain for any manufacturer or distributer, with ½% of all shipped products being damaged as a result of poor stretch wrapping.

When a pallet falls during transit, it sparks a chain reaction which will inevitably lead to a headache for the boss. Not only do you lose the value of damaged products, but you will need to waste precious time & resource trying to correct the problem. By the time you refill the order, you have done twice the work for none of the money – Not ideal.

Using a stretch wrapper ensures higher pallet security which will prevent it from tipping, breaking or spilling. If your products arrive undamaged, the customer is happy, you are happy & employees aren’t working over-time to refill orders for ‘free’.


Optimal Labour Utilization

Thinking of hiring another storeman to cope with increased demand? If you consider the labour hours that a semi-automatic stretch wrapper will save, you may realise that a pallet wrapper is your next logical 'employee'.

A stretch wrapper could half the labour hours spent wrapping pallets by hand. The machine wraps pallets while warehouse employees focus on other tasks, potentially eliminating the need for additional employees.


If you would like any additional information on the advantages of Fromm's range of wrapping machines, call us on 1800 023 890 and we can help you find the right machine for your business at the right price.