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3D Laser Scanner LPX600

Supplier: Roland DG

3D Laser Scanner LPX600 makes 3D laser scanning easier than ever.

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3D Laser Scanner LPX600

3D Scanning at the touch of a button. Roland DG's LPX-600 makes 3D laser scanning easier than ever. With the simplicity of operating similar 2D scanners, you can quickly and accurately create digital data from an object for 3D CAD/CG applications.

Features of 3D Laser Scanner LPX600

1. Two Scanners – Countless CAD/CAM Applications

The LPX-600 scans objects up to 406.4mm (16 inches tall) and (254mm) 10 inches in diameter, while the LPX-60 scans objects up to 304.8 mm (12 inches) tall and 203.2 mm (8 inches) in diameter. Both enable designers to scan complex, organic shapes in minutes. CAD/CAM applications include hand-held consumer products, blister package design, hand-sculpted characters for feature animation, and face models for anaplastologists

2. Superior Scans

The LPX Series uses advanced non-contact laser sensors to quickly generate precise models with 0.008 inch scanning resolutions. The combination of precision laser optics and motion control within a rigid enclosure lets design engineers produce high quality scans with minimal surface noise.

3. Bundled Software

Bundled Roland LPX EZ Studio typically saves designers two to five hours on every scanned object. The reverse engineering software automatically scans, aligns, merges planes, fills holes, and decimates 3D models. It exports CAD models in a wide range of data formats, including point cloud, STL, PIX and 3DM.

Point cloud data is used directly in SolidWorks 2007 Office Premium and other CAD software. STL files are used by the industry’s most popular rapid prototyping systems, including those manufactured by Roland, 3D Systems, Stratasys, Z-Corp and Solidscape.

4. Optional Software

Optional Pixform Pro reverse modelling software offers advanced data editing. Pixform Pro can align, merge, fill holes, decimate, remesh, and translate polygon surfaces into NURB surfaces. The software can also merge scans for increased quality, change the shape around curved surfaces, sharpen edges, extend shapes, add thickness and perform Boolean operations on polygon surfaces. It supports a wide range of data output formats including DXF, STL, WRL, 3DM and IGES.

5. Dual Scan Modes

Rotary and Plane Scanning Modes offer the versatility to scan an expansive array of objects. In rotary mode, the LPX-60/600 quickly scans an entire object on its fully integrated rotating table. In plane scanning mode, it scans as many as six different planes to capture side cuts and cavities.

6. Non-Contact Advantage

Scanned objects remain in pristine condition, thanks to the LPX Series non-contact laser scanning technology. To scan glossy, clear and dark-coloured objects, simply paint them red, white or yellow. The LPX-60/600 will capture every detail!

7. Easy to Use

With its USB connection and one-button operation, the LPX-60/600 is ready to use within minutes after opening the box. Once up and running, the 3D laser scanner will save designers hours of manual reverse engineering work. Engineers can capture incredibly detailed surfaces without any special training.