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3D Milling Machine | Milling Machine JWX30

Supplier: Roland DG

3D Milling Machine, Milling Machine JWX-30, a complete jewellery model making solution comes complete with powerful design software that allows you to create detailed 3D models that clients can review from every angle

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3D Milling Machine | Milling Machine JWX30

Imagine. Design. Create. It’s just that easy with the Roland JWX-30 jewellery model maker. This complete jewellery model making solution comes complete with powerful design software that allows you to create detailed 3D models that clients can review from every angle. From these files, the 4-axis desktop mill automatically produces intricate wax models of beautifully crafted rings, pendants, bracelets, brooches, earrings and cufflinks.

JWX-30 Milling Machine Features

1. The Artist's Tool

The JWX-30 was designed to boost your creativity. The desktop mill quickly produces a wide range of wax master models with accuracy, detail and symmetry that far exceed the limits of human dexterity. Bundled design software automates laborious tasks such as replicating left and right earrings, and reducing model weight to meet client demands.

With the JWX-30, you can devote more time to the creative side of jewellery design, while boosting your production of highly profitable wax models. No more eyestrain or stiff shoulders from hours hunched over a bench. You can now automatically generate wax models with pinpoint accuracy, consistency and reliability.

2. High-Speed Production

Powered by a high-speed 30,000 rpm spindle and 100W DC Brushless motor, the JWX-30 offers the high-speed production that jewellery makers need to take their business to the next level. It quickly mills out models for rings, bracelets and charms in a fraction of the time it takes to produce them by hand. Typical wax jewellery models are milled in just a couple of hours.

3. Automated Production with Bundled Fixtures

Jewellery makers with existing CAD files can use the JWX-30 to mill even their most complex designs. Easy-to-use fixtures securely hold wax cubes and tubes in place and facilitate unattended production of single or multiple wax master models.

4. Breathtaking Quality

The JWX-30 turns even the most intricate CAD designs into reality. With detailed resolutions up to 0.00125 mm/step, this beautifully designed 4-axis mill captures every subtle nuance of your designs. The JWX-30 also comes with a unique, double-edged cutting tool that yields exceptional detail. The result is superior custom jewellery that will delight your customers and keep them coming back for more.

5. Easy to Use

The JWX-30 is a compact and fully enclosed desktop mill. It runs quietly and fits easily in any office or jewellery shop. At the same time, its work area is large enough to accommodate any ring, bracelet or charm.

6. Compact & Fully Enclosed

The JWX-30 is a compact and fully enclosed desktop mill, letting the desktop mill run quietly and safely in any office or jewellery shop. At the same time, its maximum work area 305 (X) x 205(Y) x 100(Z)mm is large enough to produce rings, bracelets and charms. The work area varies depending on the loaded fixture.

7. Bundled CAM Software

Bundled SRP Player CAM software automatically generates precise tool paths. The user-friendly, wizard-based program offers uniform 3D scaling, support for 4-axis milling, and simulation of finished 3D models. It lets designers quickly review the simulated model on the monitor and send it to the JWX-30 for production. The end result is faster production, tighter dimensional accuracies and a smooth surface finish.

8. Roland JewelStudio design software

The JWX-30 comes complete with Roland JewelStudio – powerful jewellery design software that boosts productivity and enhances client communication. JewelStudio can digitize your hand-sketches or let you quickly draw the design in the software with intuitive, step-by-step instructions.

JewelStudio comes with an extensive library of gem shapes, sizes and types – all just a mouse click away. This makes it extremely easy to modify jewellery sizes or subtly alter designs. The software can also automatically place a specified number of gems on the jewellery surface in a dimensionally accurate and aesthetically pleasing way.

The on-screen model can be tilted and rotated with finesse equal to holding a real model in your hand. You can confirm every aspect of your design and present it to your client – giving instant form to your creative vision and ensuring customer satisfaction with the final product.

9. Reliable Performer

Roland's international ISO certification is your quality assurance. Like all Roland products, the JWX-30 was designed and manufactured at a state-of-the-art, ISO-certified facility. Roland builds all products at its advanced Digital Factory one at a time, by a single assembler – just like a Rolls Royce. Attention to detail is given the highest priority.