3D printing produces surgical guides with digital precision

Supplier: Objective3D
16 January, 2013

It is recognised one of the most significant issues facing implant dentistry is pre-surgically determination of the optimum location, angulations and depth to place an implant before translating that to surgery.

The challenge 

Protaico provides dental surgical guides based on complete understanding of the patient's underlying bone anatomy, prior to dental surgery, as it is critical for a successful outcome.

Protaico is recognised as a leader in Latin America and has established a process which can eliminate the uncertainty aspects from pre-surgical planning, where all characteristic of the patient's anatomy are revealed and clearly analysed. Protaico eliminate any uncertainty from dental implant surgery by guiding the drilling process with precision.

For Protaico and its patients, 3D printed models are the bridge between a good treatment plan and an excellent surgical result.

With such an excellent experience services and positive signs from the market, Protaico found itself in an optimal position for initiating growth.

On the other hand, while trying to excel, Protaico needed to streamline its business. Protaico required a system that could enable faster throughput without compromising its high standards and without costly expansion of their technician staff and facilities.

Among Protaico's customers, there are many of the top leaders and professionals in the dental industry across Latin America. These valuable users, prompt Protaico to continuously improve the products and services offered, and look for the right solution for their dental 3D modeling needs.

The fine-detail printing, adequate layer thickness and smooth surface output make Objet's 3D Printing systems highly suitable for all dental solutions provided by Protaico.

The solution   

Surgical guide printed are fully compatible with conventional CT scanners, as well as the new low-radiation, cone-beam CT scanners.

After the scan is taken, the data is converted to a STL format in order to start the planning. The surgical guide is used as a drilling guide for implant placement. This provides the most accurate means for placing the implants, because the surgical guide is created directly from the well thought-out treatment plan.

The Objet Eden260 3D Printing System provided a perfect solution, as it enabled Protaico to immediately create surgical guides that would be used for most implant cases. Surgical positioning guides, fabricated on the dental models, as well as surgical simulation, assisted with pre-surgical planning and provided the desired interoperate positioning verification.

While using the Objet's 3D printed models, Protaico have the benefit of an easy to use, fast and clean solution for the precise 3D printing of surgical guides.

Models produced on the Objet Eden260 can be cold-sterilised, with exceptionally fine details and an outstanding surface finish — all necessary for ensuring the high degree of accuracy required by the high standards of Protaico team and dentists, nationwide.

Protaico sees itself as a company with years of experience in guided implantology bringing a wealth of technical knowledge to their patients.

The results

By using the Objet's Eden260 3D Printing System, Protaico was able to realise a complete digital workflow for in-house fabrication of surgical guides.

With efficient in-house manufacturing and the many new indication possibilities, Protaico was able to present a greater variety of dental solutions to their dentist clients. While before they had to reject or outsource enquiries, they basically could now affirm production capability for every order that came in.

This new technology also allowed Protaico to become modern dental solution providers. Their designs could now include customised oral and maxillofacial surgery models; patient care concentrates on dental trauma, oral pathology, dental reconstruction, correction of dental deformity and dental implants.

Protaico investment has been returned rapidly through increased business, surgical guides and dental models processing, rationalised production and reduced operation costs. The system capabilities continue to create new business opportunities and power growth to outstrip their competitors.

The 3D printing models yield per technician leapfrogged dramatically in a very short time, and Protaico could offer its dental customers appliances and models within short delivery times and at competitive prices.

Protaico's investment was rapidly returned through more business, faster throughput, rationalised 3D modelling and reduced operation costs.

The system gave Protaico the freedom to continuously regulate their prices and stay ahead of their competitors.