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3G Vision

3GVision specialises in the design and development of industry leading business solutions. We have been developing systems for the Finance, Banking, Insurance, Retail, Manufacturing and Personnel Industry for the past 10 years.

It's through the constant commitment to our customers and leading edge innovative technology that we are able to provide industry leading business solutions.

We have the industry knowledge and experience to design and develop leading edge solutions that will ultimately SAVE YOUR BUSINESS THOUSANDS of dollars on staff resources, hardware, software, integration and maintenance

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The 3GB system is underpinned by a sophisticated Sales Automation and Workflow Management system.

At 3GBusiness we believe that you should never have a task performed by a human that can be completed by a computer.

Some of the greatest weaknesses in most business systems are the numerous disparate systems, the lack of business automation and the lack of a simple automated Action/Task Management system (Workflow Management).

We believe that people work best when they don't have to perform menial repetitive tasks and when there is a simple clear list of DAILY Actions and Tasks allocated to everyone within the organisation.

Some examples of the business automation tools are:

"Never ask a human to do what a computer can"
1. Automate Sales Tasks

2. Event Manger

3. Messaging Merge

4. Share & Use Templates

5. Messaging Editors

6. 3GDoc Editor

7. Auto Record Creation

8. Auto History Logging

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